Practicing God’s Presence

  1. the most holy, common, and necessary practice in the spiritual life is the presence of God; that is, habitually to take pleasure in His divine company, speaking humbly and conversing with Him livingly at all seasons, at every minute, without rule our measure—above all, in the time of temptation, sorrows, dryness, distaste, even of infidelities and sins. 
  2. One must try continually so that all his actions without distinction may be a sort of little conversation with God; however, not in a studied way, but just as they happen, with purity and simplicity of heart
  3. we must do all our actions with deliberation and care, without impetuosity or precipitation, for these show a disordered spirit.  We must work gently, calmly and lovingly with God, and beg Him to accept our work; by this continual attention to God we will break the demon’s head and make his weapons fall from his hands.
  4. during our work and other actions, even during our reading and writing on spiritual topics, more—during our exterior devotions and vocal prayers—let us stop a few minutes, as often as we can, to adore God in the depths of our hearts, to enjoy Him, as it were, in passing and in secret….
  5. All this adoration should be made by faith, believing God really is in our hearts; that He must be served, loved and adored in spirit and in truth; that He sees all that passes and will pass within us and in all creatures; that He is independent of all, the One upon Whom all creatures depend. -Brother Lawrence

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