Charles Spurgeon Quotes


Charles Haddon Spurgeon, commonly C.H. Spurgeon, (June 19, 1834January 31, 1892) was a British Reformed Baptist preacher who remains highly influential amongst Reformed Christians of different denominations, among whom he is still known as the “Prince of Preachers.” He also founded the charity organization now known as Spurgeon’s, that works worldwide with families and children.  

How often I have thought, ‘there is a young woman in the gallery, or a young man; how interested they look during the sermon!’ I have met with them, I have admired characters; they have had an amiable carriage and deportment; there has been much in them that everybody would tell others to imitate and emulate. I have said, ‘Ah! I shall soon have them added to the church; there is so much good abut them, it will be such as easy transition for them; they are so moral and excellent it will be very easy for them surely to take a step into the kingdom of heaven.’ I don’t say I have said so in words to my heart, but that has been about what I have thought. Well, there has been a fellow who came into chapel one evening, a queer looking object, I did not expect him to be converted…but the Lord met with him…then, again, we have sometimes said, ‘if such a one were converted, dear me, what a shining Christian he would make! He is a man of brilliant talent, of great intellectual power, and of extensive fortune. Oh if he were converted, what a jubilee it would be to the church of God! How much he would do! Well, do you know, I have always found that these fine people, who when they were converted were to be somebody, if they have been converted and we have got them, have not turned out to be quite great after all!

-Charles Spurgeon

Defend the Bible? I would just as soon defend a lion. Just turn the Bible loose. It will defend itself.

-Charles Spurgeon

Nobody ever outgrows Scriptures; the book widens and deepens with our years.

-Charles H. Spurgeon

We cannot all argue, but we can all pray; we cannot all be leaders, but we can all be pleaders; we cannot all be mighty in rhetoric, but we can all be prevalent in prayer. I would sooner see you eloquent with God than with men

-Charles Spurgeon

Oh! Men and Brethren, what would this heart feel if I could but believe that there were some among you who would go home and pray for a revival—men whose faith is large enough, and their love fiery enough to lead them from this moment to exercise unceasing intercessions that God would appear among us and do wondrous things here, as in the times of former generations.

-C.H. Spurgeon

A person who does not believe that God will punish sin, cannot believe that God will pardon it either.

-Charles Spurgeon

His glory was that He laid aside His glory, and the glory of the Church is when she lays aside Her respectability and Her dignity and counts it to her glory to gather together the outcasts

-Charles Spurgeon

God is not concerned about how many people you stand before as He is about what you stand for…no matter how many are listening, your job is to declare faithfully the timely truth of the Word of God

-Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892)


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